What is a Real Life Unicorn?


Sometimes life throws us curve balls. Those unexpected, unbelievable moments that make you who you are. Sometimes those moments are exciting; like meeting a celebrity or winning the lottery. Others are tragic, like having a miscarriage or surviving a disaster.

So what do you call these moments in life, the good, the bad, and everything in between that makes you ask why me? That is where we coined the real life “unicorns.” Your moment is unbelievable, almost mythical if you knew it wasn’t true.

In business, unicorns can be venture capitalists going after bigger game. However, in life, unicorns can be more simple than that. We all have unicorn stories or moments. Or, you know someone that does.

This is the site for the people who not only ask why did this or is this happening to me. But also, those who are trying to connect with someone else who just may have went through something as crazy as you!

Are you someone who has thought about blogging? Blogging can be incredibly cathartic but also time consuming. This is the site for people with a story to share, a unique perspective, who simply do not have the time to devote to an entire blog.

What is your real life unicorn story?