What is a real life unicorn?

It is the term coined for someone who has a story or a life moment that is unique and rare; it’s almost unbelievable. Have you ever asked yourself, why me? You are a unicorn or had a unicorn moment.

We are seeking to create a site for unbelievable stories. The place where people who are not up for the commitment to a blog can go. A place for inspiration. A place for a good laugh. In some cases, a place for a shared experience. Stories so amazing, you can’t make this stuff up.


Erika Lovegreen started this site in 2018 after experiencing several unicorn moments in her life including being connected to Hurricane Katrina and the Virginia Tech school shootings. She admits she is a lazy blogger. She tried to start a blog multiple times, and realized it was a ton of work. She wanted to share her unique life moments, without the commitment. That is where the idea of this website was born. She believes she is not alone. She wants people who have amazing stories to come together, without having to commit to the blogging lifestyle.

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