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What is a “Real Life Unicorn?”

Have you ever had some moment or happening in your life that was so crazy, that people thought you were bending the truth? Are you a blogger who lives to tell your life story, but you have one post that you absolutely wish every reader saw because it’s just that good?

This may be the site for you! I coined the term “real life unicorns” to help capture those insane moments or stories that were so crazy, you wondered if people actually believed you.

I had a first hand experience with Hurricane Katrina and the Virginia Tech shootings. I also happened to grow up near Columbine High School when the school shooting happened. I never knew what to call someone like me. People I encountered questioned how it was possible to go through all those experiences.

Recently, I started talking to more and more people who have had their own crazy moments in life but didn’t know how to share it or what to call it. They were also too lazy to blog (I fit into that category).

Unicorns also do not like the news. We like to control our own narrative.

Do you think you are a real life unicorn or have a unicorn moment? Want to tell the world you are not full of BS and inspire others through your story? Tragedy, success, chance encounter, spam us your stories!! Click here to find out how to contribute!


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